Tailored Riddles on Startup Camp in Rijeka

There is this cool event in Rijeka called the Statrtup Camp. Startup teams from all over the country and region will be around for some training and mentoring sessions. The team from Tailored Riddles is here as well and we will try and make the best of it. What is it all about? The event is a really cool one, … Read More

Riddles of the old

Riddles have been here as long as literacy. Not online riddle games like Tailored Riddles, of course (even though it has been said that Abe Lincoln enjoyed a game or two of Tailored Riddles, I saw it on Facebook). We have dug through Wikipedia and found some really cool ancient riddles for you to have fun with. Babylon Some riddles … Read More

Riddles by the Riddler

Riddles, riddles everywhere… Especially if you are Joel Schumacher back in 1995 when he was making Batman Forever. Let’s check out where the screenplay writers found the inspiration for the mind benders of Edward Nygma. Edward Nygma One of the craziest villains that appeared in various Batman movies, one of the most memorable roles was the one of the Riddler … Read More

Tailored Riddle as a Christmas present

Tailored Riddles can allow you to build an individual, unique, personalized challenge for your friends. If you do not know what to get your computer savvy friends for Christmas, consider an online riddle. OK, it’s difficult to put it under a tree, but it can put a smile on their face and make them appreciate you thinking of them. How … Read More

Tailored Riddles riddle game for Brucošijada FER-a

Tailored Riddles allows you to build riddles to promote your events, concerts, brands, products etc. We have worked together with the team at KSET and built a riddle game around their freshmen festival called Brucošijada FER-a. What is KSET? What is Brucošijada FER-a? KSET is a volunteer based student club based in Zagreb, Croatia. It functions in close cooperation with … Read More

Market size for Tailored Riddles

Tailored Riddles builds online games around the players. We have been getting a lot of questions like “Who would use your product?” Well, let’s try and put it in numbers… Who does Tailored Riddles target? Direct users of Tailored Riddles are the same people that played the most popular riddle games online today, like Notpron, OddPawn, The DaVinci Code and … Read More

Tailored Riddles at the Wolves Summit

Tailored Riddles team will be presenting their product on the Wolves Summit in Warsaw, Poland. Mario will be pitching for Tailored Riddles on Monday, 24th October, as a part of the startup competition. Warsaw – here we come! The team from Tailored Riddles, including the CEO and founder Mario, lead developer Matija and product quality assurance specialist Nika, has landed … Read More

Riddle or puzzle

Tailored Riddles allows you to build a game around the player, making his life, experiences, interests etc. a crucial part of the game, whether as clues or solutions. We have decided to use the name “Tailored Riddles” as we do believe that the games we provide you with are actually riddles. Though, some people might call them puzzles. So, which … Read More

Video tutorial for Tailored Riddles

At Tailored Riddles we have been getting a lot of questions on how to solve our riddles. What to do when you get presented with a riddle, how to approach it… Well, this is us providing a solution. Video tutorial We have made a small video tutorial explaining how to solve a riddle, where to look for all the clues, … Read More

Tailored Riddles for business

Tailored Riddles is a service that allows creating a riddle around a player. We have found this extremely interesting, however, also very limiting. This is why we are developing Tailored Riddles in a new direction, to be focused on tailoring a riddle around an event, business, product or any other feature required. A riddle not only around a person The … Read More

Getting Started

Tailored Riddles allows you to build a riddle game about you. It is original, individual and challenges the mind ­whether as a gift to a friend or for your personal amusement.

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