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What we do

Tailored Riddles allows you to build a riddle game focused around the consumer. You can build one for yourself and contest your mind to tackle new challenges, or you can use it as a gift for someone. It is built completely around the personal data you provide us about the consumer, putting him in the center of attention and making him the essential part of the game.

Everything made today is made by an industry that organizes their audience into target groups, and then users must choose a target group they belong to and use those products. Tailored Riddles builds a unique game for you around you - we want to put your story into a riddle. We want to test your brain to think of new concepts and ideas, and challenge the geek inside you.

Don't fit into a game, make the game fit you!

Need a riddle for a specific situation?

Really tailored riddles

Tailored Riddles provides riddles about the consumer. We try to use generic information about the player, so we can build interesting levels around their life. However, if you want to go really custom and build the game and the levels around specific events, anecdotes or experiences they had – we can also do that. In order to do this, we would need to exchange a few emails and phone calls. Please feel free to contact us.

Extra hard riddles

Tailored Riddles allows you to create a game about the consumer which has an average degree of difficulty. However, if the person is really a riddle fanatic, we can make the riddles anything from really hard to aaaaargh! Impossible. If you are interested in something like this, let’s discuss it further, please reach out!

Themed riddles for an event

Tailored Riddles can be not only tailored for the consumer, but can also be tailored for an event. Whether you are building a riddle for anything from personal events like birthdays, weddings, reunions or similar all the way to building riddles for events, meetings, congresses and others, we at Tailored Riddles can definitely help. Let us know, and we’d love to discuss it!

Multi player riddles

Tailored Riddles allow you to create a riddle tailored about anything, and throw the same riddle at multiple players. Follow the progress of the players, have a place they can tease, help (or mislead) each other. Make it a fun activity for a team. Interested? Contact us!

Getting Started

Tailored Riddles allows you to build a riddle game about you. It is original, individual and challenges the mind ­whether as a gift to a friend or for your personal amusement.

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