How to have fun with Tailored Riddles?

Tailored Riddles is a riddle game created around the consumer. You can create one for yourself, or you can create it and send it to a friend as a present. It is possible to create a small riddle of 5 levels or a larger riddle of 10 levels.

How does it work?

You can choose three options: You can try the demo, or you can build a custom riddle – where you can choose to build a small one or a large one.

In case you choose the demo, you will be presented with a small form and then, after you fill it with some personal data, with a small riddle. The demo riddle has 3 levels that are fairly simple. Also – on each level you can ask for hints. This is just to get your head around where to look for clues and how.

In case you decide to build a custom puzzle, the form is significantly larger, as well as the amount of info – we do need to build a riddle about something. But, as Sledge Hammer would say, “trust us, we know what we’re doing”.

Personal data

Tailored Riddles will ask you for personal data. A lot of it. Do note that we are not storing this data, nor are we using it in any way other than to create riddle levels for you. Your data is safe with us and will only be shared – back with you while you play the game. So, please, in order to increase the quality of the levels created, provide as accurate and quality data as you can. It will only make it more entertaining for yourself!

How do I play?

OK, so you generated the riddle, and get presented with it… How does it work? What is it about?

You will be presented with a level. A level is basically a web page, which usually has one photo, one title, one line of text and a textbox with the “Solve” button. The idea is to gather all the clues you can, figure out the solution to the riddle, type it into the textbox and click “solve”. Sounds simple, right?

Well… it gets tricky. You are allowed to try anything to get to the next level. Literally anything. And so we come to the bad news: clues are not easy to find, even though they can be literally anywhere: in photos, in texts, in sounds, in the air that you breathe, on the internet, behind your computer – literally anywhere. So, don’t forget to check behind the couch! It is not a guessing game. When you do find the solution, you will be absolutely 100% sure it is the solution.

And that’s it! Get ready to stretch your brain. And good luck – you’ll need it.

Share with friends

Can you share your riddle with your friends? Yes – there is no way for us to stop you, nor do we want to. However, before you do this, please consider if your friend is going to have more fun solving a riddle around you, or if they would have more fun solving a riddle about them. Got you thinking, right?

You can create a game for a friend as well and send it as a present. In a time when all presents are bought on Amazon and are completely generic, made for targeted audiences and market segments, getting something as unique and individual as a tailored riddle is a breath of fresh air. And will put a smile on your friend’s face.

So – to sum up

Stop wasting your time reading about a game and try it. You can try a free riddle here. If you liked it, go for something more complex and create a riddle and tease your little grey cells!

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Tailored Riddles allows you to build a riddle game about you. It is original, individual and challenges the mind ­whether as a gift to a friend or for your personal amusement.

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