Market size for Tailored Riddles

Tailored Riddles builds online games around the players. We have been getting a lot of questions like “Who would use your product?” Well, let’s try and put it in numbers…

Who does Tailored Riddles target?

Direct users of Tailored Riddles are the same people that played the most popular riddle games online today, like Notpron, OddPawn, The DaVinci Code and Amnesya. Most of these sites do not disclose the number of users currently playing their games, but it is known that Notpron attracted 17 million users, and Amnesya 7 million. If the OddPawn and The DaVinci Code have only a million users combined, that still leaves us a market of 25 million users. (1)

However, it doesn’t seem fair to underestimate the number of customers playing The DaVinci Code online game as it was created by Penguin House Publishing based on the outstanding numbers copies sold of Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code book (2). And we must not forget J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, which is very connected with riddles and has been sold in over 100 million copies sold worldwide.

Is there an interest for this on the market?

The market survey says the following:
Just in the U.S.155 million Americans regularly played video games in 2015. One in three of the most active players had no problem with paying for the game online (4).

Americans playing video games paying vs. non-paying

The most popular genres among frequent players are social games, action and puzzles / card / trivia, often called together the casual games(4), which is where Tailored Riddles falls into.

Favorite types of video games

And last year’s numbers say that 0.9% of off all video games sold in the U.S. market were of casual nature (6). In other word, if each of the 50 million U.S. residents paid for only one game online in 2015 that would mean 1.3 million of them paid for a casual game.

Figures above are for the U.S. market because the U.S. market accounted for nearly 21 percent of the entire global market and because it highlights the trends other markets will follow (6).

Also, social networks today are a solid indicator to what the world’s interests are. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ are at the top of 10 most influential social networks in the world (7) (8). If you try to input a word “riddle” in a Facebook search box you will find over 300 Facebook various riddle sites and over 300 Facebook public and closed groups which amount to more than a million members. So we can safely assume that social media interest indicators are on our side.

What are we beneficial for?

Apart from directly finding customers who are willing to enrich their free time playing our riddles, our market extends well beyond a customer sitting on a couch with his laptop.

Including puzzles, riddles and tests as a part of job advertising strategy to filter out the potential applicants has been well known for years. We all know the infamous Google job interview questions like “How much would you pay to wash all the windows in Seattle?”.

Receiving applications that do not meet the job requirements is a reality and it costs money and time to filter those out of the pile. So Google took a different approach, they published a huge billboard riddle in Silicon Valley and Harvard Square the solution of which lead to a job vacancy add, enabling them to leave the filtering to the public and outside the company (9).

Riddles as part of advertising and job interviews

We can do this for any company that would include our game as a part of their job add. Unfortunately, we do not sell billboards, but we do provide the site where the billboard will take you to. Or, we can just keep it simple, and give the company a customized link with riddles that can be included in their add.

And think about events, summits, team buildings… We are not the first ones to figure out that by including a game or a quest as a part of the agenda, the organizers can boost attendance, networking, product placement, and thereby a complete satisfaction of both the attendees and the sponsors. In fact, even the event production companies started including games as a part of their portfolio (10) (11).

For example the GeekWire Summit (that took place on Oct. 4-5, in Seattle) launched a campaign including a riddle that needs to be solved in order to win free tickets. Geek Wire summit is one of the U.S. premier technology conferences, bringing together more than 800 innovators, entrepreneurs, business executive and tech leaders to explore the future of the innovation economy (12).

What is our product?

In short, Tailored Riddles is a riddle game that allows you to build a riddle game about you. It is original, individual and challenges the mind.

No, we have not invented the riddle. Riddles have been a part of human nature for centuries. The oldest riddle known in the world dates all the way back to 1650 B.C (13). Riddles are found in the old Greek empire as well as the Chinese dynasty. Even today, during the Chinese Lantern festival which marks the final day of the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations, kids try to solve riddles hidden in the lanterns as a part of the festivities (14).

What we have done is we have taken this deeply rooted human need to challenges one’s mind and mixed it up with the always inevitable ego to make the challenge personal. And no we are not stalkers or voyeurs, we kindly ask you to trust us with a little bit of your personal data to make the challenge more appealing.

We urge you to try and build a riddle for yourself!

Let us know what you think via email, Facebook or Twitter. Like us, hate us, share us, praise us – we are very appreciative to any comments you might have.


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