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Tailored Riddles throws a riddle game in your face. The riddle game could have been created by you, or you could have received it as a present. Either way, it is in front of you, and you have to solve it. So, let’s see what it is about and how you can do this!

The main concept

Usually, you are presented with a multi-level riddle. If it is the demo, it has three levels. If it was built automatically, it can either be a small riddle of 5 levels or a large one of 10 levels. If it was 100% custom made, then it can be literally anything (and can be out of the scope of this article).

Each level has one place where you need to enter the solution and click “Solve”. If the solution is correct, you advance to the next level. If not, boo hoo for you.

Do note it is not a guessing game. If you are not sure something is a solution, it (most probably) isn’t. If you do find the solution, you will be 100% sure you are correct.

Where is the riddle?

Normally, when you get a riddle, you get a question, a puzzle presented, something to start from. In Tailored Riddles, you just get a web page. A pretty plain looking one. It has all the basic elements – a title, a heading, an image, a line of text, and the text box to input the answer and click “Solve”. Easy, right?

Do note that anything and everything can hold clues. The things you see (e.g. the texts you can read) as well as the things you perhaps can’t.

Clues can be anywhere - where you can see them and where you cannot

Do note that literally anything can hold clues! Anything you have access to, from source code to URLs, from images to texts, from the page rendered to other pages possibly hidden somewhere. For some things you might need to google, in order to learn more.

The idea is that you try anything and everything to get to the next level!

Tools of the trade

OK, so what do you need in order to play?

You need a computer and a web browser. Riddles are not optimized for mobile devices. Technically mobile devices can be used, but this will make it very difficult to get to all the clues and play the game, just because of the interface, accessibility to some properties and resources of web pages in mobile browsers… We strongly suggest playing on a laptop in a web browser.

You need some simple (extremely simple) photo editing tool. If you’re using Windows, they come with MS Paint, which should be more than enough. If you don’t have a photo editing tool, you can download something basic like If you have Photoshop, that can be used, though it is an overkill, as well as GIMP .

You will need Page inspect tools – not a must, but will be helpful. This is automatically installed in all modern browsers (and is usually opened by pushing F12). It will allow you to easily access the source code of the page.

Do I need computer science knowledge?

Tailored Riddles were built with the idea that they are accessible to people who use the computer and the internet on a daily basis. However, we do require a bit of knowledge about how web pages work and what they are.

You will need to know the basic structure and basic tags in an HTML website. Please read about the following HTML tags on W3Schools: html, h1, p, a, img, link. This should be enough. Also, on the W3Schools site please read a bit on CSS.

You will need some other general knowledge for some of the riddles, and some specific knowledge about your interests, hobbies, favorite things – the riddles are tailored for you after all. But – don’t worry if you don’t have this knowledge, this info can be googled for.

Anything else I need?

Yes. Patience and perseverance.

OK, so let me at it!

At this point you have either built a riddle for yourself, or someone has sent a riddle to you. If so, you should have the access link, and in that case we wish you the best of luck.

If, however, you are reading this just because you decided to read the whole internet and somehow wound up here, please create a riddle for yourself and try and solve it. The worst thing that can happen is that you end up having fun!

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