Tailored Riddle as a Christmas present

Tailored Riddles can allow you to build an individual, unique, personalized challenge for your friends. If you do not know what to get your computer savvy friends for Christmas, consider an online riddle. OK, it’s difficult to put it under a tree, but it can put a smile on their face and make them appreciate you thinking of them.

Tailored Riddle as a Christmas present

How would that work?

It’s easy. You need to fill a form about your friend. Give us some data about them, like their name, hometown, country and language, and a few photos from their life (maybe even a few photos with the two of you together).

Surprise your friends with a Tailored Riddle

We will put it into our powerful algorithm and send them an email that says you got them a riddle. You would also get a link to try the riddle, so you can see what you got your friend. You can also play it – good luck!

Who would appreciate this?

We all have that one geeky friend who is always into math, logical puzzles, programming, chess… You name it, we all know them. And very often you might have trouble picking a present for them, whether for their birthday, for Christmas or for any weird day they might find interesting (May the 4th, anyone?).

Sheldon Cooper would appreciate a Tailored Riddle

In the day when everything is “made in China”, mass manufactured and made to satisfy a segmented market group which you are being squeezed into, we all have problems finding original presents. We guarantee that a small game of Tailored Riddles can keep someone busy for at least an hour. And costs less than a pint 🙂

So, if you’re thinking of a unique present for a geeky person, look no further. Make your friends frustrated and annoyed by the fact that they have all the clues, just one small piece missing…

Why a Christmas present?

We all love Christmas. And the joy is, of course, not (only) in getting presents, but mainly in giving them.

This is why the team here at Tailored Riddles decided to give a promo code that will allow a 40% lower price for both small and large riddles until December 25th. Just use the “WeLoveXmas” promo code and surprise your friends.

How do I get this?

It’s easy. Click here, fill in the form and you’re good to go!

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