Tailored Riddles for business

Tailored Riddles is a service that allows creating a riddle around a player. We have found this extremely interesting, however, also very limiting. This is why we are developing Tailored Riddles in a new direction, to be focused on tailoring a riddle around an event, business, product or any other feature required.

Tailored Riddles for business

A riddle not only around a person

The team at Tailored Riddles so far has promoted riddles for individuals. This means riddles focused on you personally, around your experiences, photos, hobbies, siblings… And this would provide an individual a unique, original and individual experience.

However, why limit yourself to this? Tailored Riddles can be tailored around anything, not necessarily around a physical individual! Thinking in this direction we figured out that we can tailor riddles literally around anything and everything. So – we are looking to open Tailored Riddles for business.

Organizing a conference or an event? Offer a riddle with it, customized around it. It can be another way to engage with your audience, especially if they’re geeky (no offense).

Have a product you would like to advertise? Build a riddle around it, and engage your audience over social networks. Gamification is a huge thing these days, and building a game to keep your audience focused and thinking about your product could be very useful.

Riddles can also be built for teams to play each other. They can be used for team buildings. They can be used for competitions.

We are really looking in different directions and are building a technical infrastructure to make all this possible.

White labeling a riddle

Of course, this has to be really tailored. You cannot have all riddles looking the same. If we are going to have a B2B offering, we need to be able to make a riddle a part of your brand, we need it to blend in with your visual identity and feel like a natural addition to your event, product or company.

This is why we are looking to provide a full white labeling service. Everything in the riddles should be customizable, so we can really tailor it to the client’s needs. We are looking to really provide top notch service.

Social network traction

Not only is the goal to make a Tailored Riddle a part of your own brand, but we also want to make it like a new channel for your promotion. So – the goal is to make the riddles easy to spread around the internet, via various social networks.

But that’s not the only thing. The idea here is that we are looking into making the riddles competitive. That way the users your business engages can share their scores, their ratings, comparisons to their friends…

We are working with some interesting online marketing agencies in order to figure out different ways we can help our clients out.


Unfortunately, there is no hard deadlines yet. But, hopefully first connections with corporate businesses will start happening sometime in the next month or two. We will keep everyone posted over this blog as news occur. If you are a company and this sounds interesting to you, please feel free and reach out – we’d love to cooperate with you.

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