Tailored Riddles riddle game for Brucošijada FER-a

Tailored Riddles allows you to build riddles to promote your events, concerts, brands, products etc. We have worked together with the team at KSET and built a riddle game around their freshmen festival called Brucošijada FER-a.

Brucošijada FER-a

What is KSET? What is Brucošijada FER-a?

KSET is a volunteer based student club based in Zagreb, Croatia. It functions in close cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing which is a part of the University of Zagreb. The club is active throughout the year and can never be left out when speaking about Zagreb’s cultural scene. From an amazing drama and musical program, including both local and international bands and DJs, over photography and filming courses, as well as computer science lectures and talks and outdoor activities like hiking and biking, KSET has been a place where many generations of students spent a lot of their student days, dating back to 1976.

KSET - club of students of electro techincs

KSET initially started as a student club of the students from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. This Faculty (like all faculties in Zagreb) has a party for its freshmen, every year. These parties are in Croatian known as “brucošijada“, while the biggest and most famous one is the one from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing under the organization of KSET called Brucošijada FER-a.

Basically – it is a huge one-night festival which takes place inside the buildings of the Faculty. There are four connected buildings and the students take it over for one night, building four different stages, a cinema room, a VIP lounge and an alumni area, and getting some of the top local and international artists to perform. And all this for a mere 5000 people that attend. Piece of cake, right? If you’re in Zagreb sometime in November (the exact date changes every year in coordination with the Faculty), we strongly suggest attending.

Brucošijada FER-a - a look at one of the stages

What does this have to do with riddles?

A while back we were mentioning that we were thinking of making Tailored Riddles for B2B clients. Well, in cooperation with the team from KSET we have built a riddle for Brucošijada FER-a. The concept was that the first five people that solve it get a free ticket.

The riddle was constructed around the concepts of the festival. The hints and clues point to things that are very important to the organizers. In order to solve the riddle you needed to go through the stages, the line up, you needed to visit the Twitter site of the club, as well as its page and the page of the event itself. Of course, you had to use the little grey cells as well – but it wouldn’t be fun without it, correct?

How did it go?

In the end, both us and the organizers are really happy how it went. The fastest riddle solvers got their tickets and we sincerely hope they enjoyed the festival (and were not too hungover the next day). We have actually had a great number of 288 people attempting the riddle, while only 86 people got to the end! Congratulations to all those who have participated. This just showed us that there is definitely interest in something like this and it can definitely be a great way to interact with your audience when promoting your brand, product or event.

Brucošijada FER-a - 5000 crazy fans having a great time

Even though the party is over, you can still try the riddle around Brucošijada FER-a. You won’t get prizes, but at least your brain will get a workout and you will learn more about the event so you don’t miss it next year (providing you’re in the area).

The photos used were taken by members of the KSET photo section. Thanks for allowing us to use these!

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