Tailored Riddles on Startup Camp in Rijeka

There is this cool event in Rijeka called the Statrtup Camp. Startup teams from all over the country and region will be around for some training and mentoring sessions. The team from Tailored Riddles is here as well and we will try and make the best of it.

Startup Camp Rijeka

What is it all about?

The event is a really cool one, as you can see by checking out the program that had been prepared for our little teams. First of all, we will have a workshop that will help us brush up on the business model and the way we approach out audience. We hope to get valuable info from this so we can help by delivering even more interesting content and value for riddle crazed people.

Then there will be quick 1-1 sessions with different mentors. We hope to pick up on valuable advice here, so we can expand our business more quickly and efficiently.

And last, but not least, there will be sessions where we need to prepare and update (and upgrade!) our pitch. As you all know, short pitches are very important in the world, as they decide whether the person listening to you will grant you their attention or not. We hope to really brush up the Tailored Riddles pitch to perfection, so it is clear to everyone who we are and what we do from ideally 6 words.

Why is Tailored Riddles there?

Tailored Riddles is coming to the event for a few reasons. Primarily, these events are a great source of inspiration and whenever we come back from such events, we are bursting with ideas and new items in the backlog. So – don’t expect this one to be different. We could easily come back with ideas for more riddles or new features. We’ll keep you posted on our blog!

Inspiration and motivation

Second, we are coming for advice on how to push further. And, even though the only advice we really expect is that pushing further equals pushing harder, I do expect it will be interesting to receive feedback from experienced mentors.

Third, we are looking for traction, exposure and feedback. We have a product, it is there, give us your 2 cents on what you feel is wrong with it. With enough feedback (and I primarily mean bad feedback, so feel free to do your worst!) we can identify the pain points and work on them some more.

And, finally, we’re here for the iPad.

What happens if we don’t win?

Whether we win or not, we are looking forward to a great week in Rijeka! We will meet a lot of cool and interesting people and we will pick up on a lot of new information that will allow us to develop the project further.

And, even more ideally, some more people will go and build their own riddle!

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