Tailored Riddles at the Wolves Summit

Tailored Riddles team will be presenting their product on the Wolves Summit in Warsaw, Poland. Mario will be pitching for Tailored Riddles on Monday, 24th October, as a part of the startup competition.

Warsaw – here we come!

Tailored Riddles team flying to Warsaw for the Wolves Summit

The team from Tailored Riddles, including the CEO and founder Mario, lead developer Matija and product quality assurance specialist Nika, has landed in Warsaw and are doing the final preparation for pitching in the Wolves Summit. Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is not only famous for Frederic Chopin, Marie Curie or the Wisla river, but is also well known as the center of the Polish startup scene, with over 30% of Polish startups being from there.

The Wolves Summit is the biggest multinational event in Central and Eastern Europe focused on networking. This is their fourth edition. The event is lasting for 3 days, from Monday, 24th October to Wednesday 26th October, and is going to host a variety of interesting speakers, as well as a variety of interesting startups!

The Pitch

Among 350 startups that are pitching in The Great Pitch Contest, we hope that the judges will recognize the quality and potential of our product. Pitches are 3 minutes long, so Mario will have just enough time to break a sweat while presenting in front of a panel of judges, as well as 16 other startups and a large audience.

The contest consist of three parts. The initial day, Monday 24th October, is the day of the “preliminary” startup contest. This means that all startups are pitching in several tracks, and the judges are choosing the best among them. The winners of the preliminaries go into the semi finals that are held on Tuesday, 25th October as a part of the Startup track, on the conference. The winners of these semi finals are pitching in the final day of the event, on Wednesday, 26th October.

We have seen the competition and it is furious. Wolves Summit has gathered some really amazing startups out of which we are certain quite a few will change the world. We are doing our best to be one of them.

Last minute preparations

Of course a lot of preparation has been done for the Wolves Summit. And, of course, a lot of things remain to be done! But, not only are we preparing the riddles, thinking of good ice breaking lines to approach investors etc., we are also doing our best to take in some of the Warsaw atmosphere, and to get accustomed to the local way of life.

Tailored Riddles team getting accustomed to Warsaw

Want to help?

How can you help the Tailored Riddles team do better? Well, here are two ways.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and tweet / post about us. The judges might go to the social sites and check the number of followers, shares, likes and all that jazz. Plus, you do want to be in touch with what’s going on with Tailored Riddles anyway, right?

Build a riddle for yourself! We will be showing statistics to investors, to show them growth and the progress of the company. It would be awesome if we can show better numbers with your help! And – we guarantee we will make your brain work hard in return.

Thank you and wish us luck!

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