Video tutorial for Tailored Riddles

At Tailored Riddles we have been getting a lot of questions on how to solve our riddles. What to do when you get presented with a riddle, how to approach it… Well, this is us providing a solution.

Video tutorial

We have made a small video tutorial explaining how to solve a riddle, where to look for all the clues, what you need to connect, which tools you might want to use… Please check the video here:

So – a few updates here. The few guitar tones that open and close the video were taken from a song of a band Nan deSKA?! called Kaktusi.

Also, if you paid close attention, or any attention at all, you might have noticed the voice is a bit robotic. That’s only because it is. We have used IBM’s Watson Text to Speech, and, even though it’s not 100% perfect yet, we do see that soon it will be.

We hope this video helps you understand what we had in mind when we started building these riddles.

Blog articles

Before the video, we have tried giving some ideas about how to approach riddles built by Tailored Riddles in some of our blog articles:

How to have fun with Tailored Riddles
This article gives a basic idea of what Tailored Riddles is and why we have built it. It also gives some basic ideas on how you can use it and have fun with it. Definitely a good starting point.

Rules ‘n’ tools
This article was written to explain you that you will need to work hard to find clues. Harder than just taking a glance at a riddle. You will need to analyze every single piece of it, thoroughly and slowly. And you might need some additional tools to get deep enough!

Approaching a riddle
This article is not necessarily about Tailored Riddles. It discusses broadly how to approach any riddle in general. But it definitely contains good tips and pointers for approaching riddles in general, so it is definitely an interesting read.

We hoped these would help people solve Tailored Riddles more easily. And, quite possibly, we’ll be posting more useful blog articles that can help with this.

How to solve a riddle from Tailored Riddles

Ready to give it a go?

So – now that you have a good idea about how to solve a riddle, do you think you’re ready to solve your own? Well, there is only one way to find out… Build one now! Good luck!

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